A dollar buys a nickel’s worth.


We see KFC have beaten the recession by releasing a sweet new bucket. Here’s the thing, we’ve got two problems with that. The first is that the words ‘recession’ and ‘credit-crunch’ are bandied around by morose tools that just don’t want to work.


Yeah, of course we’re going through an economic slump, but just because houses are being swapped for pogs and violent crimes are taking serious precedence over a good set of knockers in the red tops, that’s no reason for us all to act like it’s the end of the world.


Depending on where you live and who you work for, this may affect you more than others and that’s not something we’d want to get tied up in or dip our bourgeois toes into. It’s just that here in London, especially in the media and fashion industry, we are surrounded by people that have had to ‘tighten their belt’ (which we find particularly ironic, especially considering we’re fatter and more decadent than ever in 2009) and make serious changes, like having one less coffee a day because of the ‘climate’.

It’s a total mess, and although this is entirely cynical and not wholly resonant (at least without political and social commentary to back up our wild claims) it still feels important that we mention it. TRASHTALK often playfully stabs the ventricles of greedy capitalists or immoral and unethical industry practice, but this time it feels slightly disparaging and maybe even straight-up grouchy. There is a redeeming feature to this short publication though, which is simply this; whilst our belts are being strapped up and our coffee’s are being cut and watered down and our general consumption of everything from food to clothing is under scrutiny, and rightly so, there are still those in the developing world who have not this luxury. No belts to tighten, no coffee’s to cut down on. In fact quite it’s quite the ironic counterpoint – they have belts to manufacture and beans to grow.

Oh and just to keep this full circle, our second problem which we so deftly side-stepped was quite simply that KFC is a shocking place to eat. So once again, we’ll finish this Trash Talk with a justified swipe at one of Society’s greatest filthy imports; Colonel Sanders - we salute you in this time of economic downfall, you greedy Texan fuck.

The Romero
To celebrate the release of our new shirt The Romero, we decided to spend 3 hours in a cold, damp forest in the middle of the night with our photographer John Taylor. Click above to see the whole shebang...



If you're following our 'A Meat-Free Christmas' article then you might wanna take a look at who are currently hosting an expose video on factory farms dealing with turkeys for the holiday season. Go take and look here and tell your friends that Christmas is cancelled, unless of course they man up.



A new Zeitgeist Movie entitled Addendum is out now. We've not had a chance to watch it yet but the first feature, simply called Zeitgeist was awesome so we trust their sophomore release like it were our own. Not to be mistaken for the 80's Spielberg scribed horror; Poltergeist, which isn't about the evils of capitalism but more about a man with a really horrible face jonesing after some weird girl. Over and out!



Our friends FAILSAFE have a new album out and you can go check it out here. It's a heavy hitter, believe.


A vegetarian lifestyle does wonders for your body so we suggest you go out on September 25 and hug as many of these sweet bods as you can. PETA is running Hug a Vegetarian Day and you should get involved -seriously, now is your chance to get nice and deep with that hot little pocket you always see in your favourite tofu joint. Go easy though, you don't get Redwood sausages in prison.


We're not sure how many of you are fans of the awesome band Rise Against but we heard them mention a movie callled The Cove. We've always been obsessed with the sea and this looks like a treat, check it out.


Where have we been for the past few months we hear you say? Good question dogsbody -here's your answer. Craig has been busy directing a new show in London and Darryl has been working in New York all Summer. We're both back in London now and ready to give ETR a real shot to the pills -hold onto your hats...


New shirts! They're coming. We're still working hard on the next shirt in our horror line -expect some sneaky shots soon!


Fancy a Big Mac? Well get wrap your fez around this website before you go sliding sideways into the drive-thru. Brought to you by PETA and PETA2, McCruelty gives you a somewhat graphic education on the processes that our old friend Ronny uses to get their chicken.

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