Trash Talk - 25.02.09
A dollar buys a nickel’s worth.

We see KFC have beaten the recession by releasing a sweet new bucket. Here’s the thing, we’ve got two problems with that. The first is that the words ‘recession’ and ‘credit-crunch’ are bandied around by morose tools that just don’t want to work. Yeah, of course we’re going through an economic slump, but just because houses are being swapped for pogs and violent crimes are taking serious precedence over a good set of knockers in the red tops, that’s no reason for us all to act like it’s the end of the world. Depending on where you live and who you work for, this may affect you more than others and that’s not something we’d want to get tied up in or dip our bourgeois toes into. It’s just that here in London, especially in the media and fashion industry, we are surrounded by people that have had to ‘tighten their belt’ (which we find particularly ironic, especially considering we’re fatter and more decadent than ever in 2009) and make serious changes, like having one less coffee a day because of the ‘climate’.

It’s a total mess, and although this is entirely cynical and not wholly resonant (at least without political and social commentary to back up our wild claims) it still feels important that we mention it. TRASHTALK often playfully stabs the ventricles of greedy capitalists or immoral and unethical industry practice, but this time it feels slightly disparaging and maybe even straight-up grouchy. There is a redeeming feature to this short publication though, which is simply this; whilst our belts are being strapped up and our coffee’s are being cut and watered down and our general consumption of everything from food to clothing is under scrutiny, and rightly so, there are still those in the developing world who have not this luxury. No belts to tighten, no coffee’s to cut down on. In fact quite it’s quite the ironic counterpoint – they have belts to manufacture and beans to grow.

Oh and just to keep this full circle, our second problem which we so deftly side-stepped was quite simply that KFC is a shocking place to eat. So once again, we’ll finish this Trash Talk with a justified swipe at one of Society’s greatest filthy imports; Colonel Sanders; we salute you in this time of economic downfall, you greedy Texan fuck.

Trash Talk - 26.11.08
A new website, a new trashtalk. That's how we roll. This week we're gonna trash it up good, starting with the UK's most guilty pleasure; junk food.

"Excluding any food allergies, there is nothing in McDonald's food that would make a person with a balanced diet and active lifestyle ill. McDonald's UK believes that its food tastes great! And the two million customers that visit the restaurants each day would probably agree."

What a joke. A public response there from the sickest monkey in the pen; Ronald MC Donald. Does he actually think that we're gonna read that and go 'Ahh, I see, that must be the reason why that actual garden worm found it's way into my Big Mac. How about blow me Ronald, you fucking mug.

Crass politics aside, we could joke about the big guy and his filthy meals all day but it doesn't really place us politically left, especially since we're running a philanthropic clothing company based on strong morals toward animal welfare and well-balanced humanitarian ethics. This is however, TRASHTALK, and we are gonna take this opportunity to rag on Ronny.

Besides the fact that the food at McDonalds is, in our opinion both physically and ethically disgraceful, the above statement is an exercise in self-righteous answers from extreme capitalists; "And the two million customers that visit the restaurants each day would probably agree." Yeah ok we get it, you get a lot of custom everyday but that proves exactly what? That you're food is cheap and easy.

McDonalds is exactly what then? Fast food that 'tastes good' and fills you up for a short period of time? Sure, it's great in that aspect and to be fair, nice job for making meat so cheap and edible - but there is no doubt about it that if you have any sense of right and wrong and you do know about the process behind their meatpacking then you'd be wild to step foot in the place. Couple this with the fact that it is undeniably detrimental to your health in the long term and you've got yourself a solid reason to steer clear. Admittedly, eating a cheeseburger won't make you ill per se, but it certainly won't be doing you any good.

The scariest thing is this; that McDonalds is great for people in a rush, on a budget, or those that just can't be bothered to cook full stop. That doesn't make it right though, does it? Now is the time for more vegan, health-conscious 'fast food' places to get it together. Step up now, and save our nations' health.

That's all for now. Next week; more fast food joints, starting with that nonce Colonel Sanders...

Trash Talk - 26.05.08
Donkeys in lock down? Bulls doing hard time? Dogs in the slammer? We know, another trash talk with nothing but absolute trash, but come on... you wouldn't want it any other way. So kicking us off is an article we saw recently on Sky News about a donkey that got put in jail, yeah you heard us right -a mule got placed in the crowbar hotel.

First off we've gotta say that we're not happy about it and not in any way condoning locking down les animaux, we're just simply pointing out the funny side of the story. The first bit that jumps out as a tremendously suspicious piece of journalism is the claim that the donk bit a man's chest! Haha, that, literally, is impossible. If that really happened then the donkey was either so genetically ruined that he deserves to be in the skinner joint, or the guy had a truly hideous, pointed sternum. Now if the latter is true we have two things to say;

1. you're a sick, sick man and 2. that thing was waiting to get latched onto, pal.

The whole piece is littered with brilliant stuff. Calling a donkey an 'enraged beast' is most probably a first, and considering it was probably being aggravated by the two men, we don't blame it's behaviour. One of the funniest bits is the quote from the police officer, who said "Around here, if someone commits a crime they are jailed". That part is fair enough, but the next part is really funny, he goes; "No matter who they are", haha, unruly dogs, lawless birds, untoward fish, they're all going down. That sounds to us like an officer with too much time on his hands, and a serious case of being given a gun for absolutely no reason.

Who knows...

Trash Talk - 25.04.08
Trash -noun

1. foolish or pointless ideas, talk, or writing; nonsense

Over the last few months it would appear that TRASHTALK has gained quite a reputable following, and for that we must first thank everybody that reads this and keeps us going. With that in mind -and the above definition of the noun, let's talk some trash...

If you've ever heard the phrase 'Too many cooks spoil the bird in your hand' then you're probably either completely mental or you've been spying on us here at ETR HQ. If it's the former then touche -we love your open-mindedness, if it's the latter however, just pop out from wherever you're hidden and help us bag up these t-shirts.

Admittedly, the phrase might sound weird at first but if you think about it, it actually gets weirder. Yep, there's no denying that it makes literally no sense, along with the following;

War. Sweatshops. Child labour. Slaughter-houses. Arms trading. Drug muling. Seagulling. Dubya. Animal cruelty. Disdain. Unfair working conditions. Southland Tales. Pigs in blankets. Pigs with blankets. Serial killers. Coca Cola. Pies in metal cases. War again. Global warming. Oil companies. H&M ethics. Neon clothing. Youtube comments and Governments in bed with the Military.

A short trash-talk, but lots above for you to think about. Sorry for the lack of substance, I guess we're getting world weary.

"A bird in the hand never strikes twice".

Trash Talk - 11.02.08
Hey everyone! What amazing weather we're having over here in the uk. So sit back and read this, it's a good trash talk this week:

Darryl recently had a run-in (as you always do when wearing a t-shirt that says meatsucks on a night-out) with a large alpha-male in a club in the north-west. Apparently this guy was a brute, you know the type; skin-head, weird shirt and shoes so offensive they made Hitler’s muzzy look like fashion's greatest facial addition.

Anyway, the archetypal caveman made the decision to shoulder his way to the bar, thus ignoring the thing we do best in Britain (queue) and proceeded to order up his hard brew of choice without a care for those left bloodied and bashed in his wake. Now we try our best to avoid a smackdown at ETR, most probably because we'd get pasted, so Darryl stood back and observed the idiot as he took his drink and turned toward him.

With a dirty grimace and facial features that would make the elephant man recoil, he eyeballed Daz's shirt whilst drinking his newly bought beverage -a blue wkd! Haha, what a dickhead. We could let him off for a bottle of anything else, but blue wkd is so funny.

For a start it's bright blue, need we say more? Yes, because there's more to be said. Apart from the fact that it's a hideous alco-pop drunk only by teenage girls; it contains enough sugar to make even the most stereotypical horse say 'no thanks, not for me'. Haha, we don't usually pick on people but there's no excuse for being an idiot when those around you are completely civilised and minding their own business.

So if you're reading this and you are either that man or you're drinking a blue wkd then do us a favour and drop the attitude, respect others and get yourself booked in at the dentist, because your pegs have seen better days.

Trash Talk - 08.01.08
Whew, what a Christmas. We hope everyone had a really good time and ate as much vegetarian food as possible. We tried our best to steer people clear of meat but it seems the majority are still more than happy slipping ‘pigs in blankets’ down their throats without a care -it’s only a matter of time before people start wrapping worms in lettuce for Christmas; a sordid, wiggly, filthy Christmas.

Anyway, so we’re into January ’08 already! it doesn’t seem two minutes since we were planning the ETR relaunch a few months ago. Anyway, the tees are selling like hot-snacks on a cool day. We’ve been shipping them far and wide, all over the country and we’ve even got a couple of orders from the states and Australia –it’s great how word of EATTHERICH is spreading so well. We’ve got to thank all of you for that; your constant support means a lot –even if it’s just shouting our name when you’re drunk (we’ve seen that before!).

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic but we’ve got a list as long as Daniel Laruso’s leg of things we’re going to be rolling out in the coming weeks so keep swingin’ by. Our Facebook/MySpace is also getting wasted with new visitors so keep up the good work of telling everyone and their hat peg about us; the wheels are definitely in motion.

Craig recently spent 12 hours shooting a video with our friends Failsafe whilst they worked on the new album. if you don’t know who failsafe are then check out their previous album or website and prepare to have your face melted. Honestly, they’re really good and you couldn’t ask for a bunch of nicer lads. Anyway, we’re launching ETR’s band page with a feature on them, including pictures taken by our very own Clark Kent (John Taylor). The aforementioned video will be on there along with the standard interviews and much more. I guess it’s sort of going to be a mini-website for them, with our colours on it (definitely cool though).

We hope you all had a great Christmas & new year and we look forward to hearing from you soon –we’ve managed to meet a lot of new people over the past few weeks who have been really into EATTHERICH and we’re forever grateful. If you ever see us out and about then grab us (yeah, literally!) and let’s have a chat.

News 8 - Hug a Vegetarian Day
A vegetarian lifestyle does wonders for your body so we suggest you go out on September 25 and hug as many of these sweet bods as you can. PETA is running Hug a Vegetarian Day and you should get involved -seriously, now is your chance to hug that hottie who you always see in your favourite tofu joint.

We're not sure how many of you are fans of the awesome band Rise Against but we heard them mention a movie callled The Core. We've always been obsessed with the sea and this looks like a treat, check it out.

Where have we been for the past few months we hear you say? Good question dogsbody -here's your answer. Craig has been busy directing a new show in London and Darryl has been working in New York all Summer. We're both back in London now and ready to give ETR a real shot to the pills -hold onto your hats...

New shirts! They're coming. We're still working hard on the next shirt in our horror line -expect some sneaky shots soon!

News 7 - PETA's Contest
Right, with Trash Talk out of the way let’s skip to the news.  PETA are currently running a contest over there for Europe’s Sexiest Vegetarian and who made it down to the last handful? Only one of EATTHERICH’s very own. After a brutal selection process, Darryl’s down to the last 16 filthy stinking vegetarians and we’d love it if you could swing by their site and cast him your vote. Make sure you click the male contestants tab, you're not gonna find him nestled in with all those hot dames.

We love to talk so send us an e-mail to to let us know you’ve voted and we’ll enter you into next month’s contest to win some free threads.

Economic climate you say? It’ll be scorching in your house come March. Exxxxxcellent.

News 6 - A Meat-free Christmas Part I
Yo. This is the new website. It’s pretty simple really so we’re gonna skip the virtual tour. This is what’s new...

First up, we’ve just printed a new shirt called The Romero, which you can peep over in the store or in the new photo section below. If you like BIG prints you’re gonna love it; if you like old school horror you’re gonna love it; If you like Robert Mugabe you’re gonna love it. Only messing, we sent The Big Mug’ an XL last week with a note saying we loved him. Surprisingly, he didn’t pay for it. Probably think’s we’re gay.

A Meat-Free Christmas / Part I

Christmas is creeping up on us so what better time to introduce the family to a vegetarian alternative than now, when everyone is stressing about presents and preparations; “Vegetarian Christmas dinners are not only healthier but they are also proven to make you stronger than a bear and sexier than others around you” said a leading Scientist. They are, more importantly more humane and as actual humans we should take the time to think about how much fun our Christmas morning would be if 'an idiot' was in our house stomping on our beaks as we opened presents. Most people on here are already vegged up so we’ve come up with a three part plan; part one of which follows below.

The first thing is to tell whoever you’re spending the day with that they should relax as this may be their last year (especially if they’re old), only messing. Tell them that you’ll prepare the dinner including buying the ‘turkey’ and then make a joke about 'stuffing' to loosen them up about the whole ordeal. After doing this, find an empty room and do as Darryl and I do; smile to yourself and whisper ‘Zee trap is settt’ in a German accent.

Secondly, find a local store that sells good vegetarian food, one of our favourite brands is Redwood Foods (who also deliver, which saves hassle). They sell some awesome cheatin‘ meats and will definitely cater for your family’s carniverous needs. If your dad, for example is one of those men that thinks vegetarians are idiots and has been known to call you a ‘carcussss-hugging moooon-maiden’ then you might wanna go the whole nine and grab yourself a Cheatin’ Celebration Roast, complete with bacon-wrapped sausages and turkey-flavoured gravy. Get it hidden somewhere nice an' deep like the back of the fridge and whisper to yourself again, something about the trap being set.

Part II will be online next week. Note: No scientist has ever been recorded saying a meat-free diet will make you sexy. The proof is there though, check out our archive of Vegetarian of the Weeks here.

More news is that we're releasing the second shirt in the horror line before Christmas. It's called The Lugosi and you can take a sneaky sneaky look at it here. Let us know what you think on

That's about it for the moment, have an amazing week and drop us a line anytime, we love comments and good times just as much as the next person.

Oh and just for the record, we don’t condone the Zimbabwean President’s regime or views on homoesexuality, in fact we think they’re appalling. Peace out.

News 5 - To Write Love on Her Arms
Those who are already aware of the American organisation 'To Write Love On Her Arms' (TWLOHA hereafter) will know what an amazing job they're doing over there. Well, up until a couple months ago we were in the dark, but recently we've received a bunch of e-mails comparing us with them in terms of our work ethos and apparently our design is similar to their flagship shirt.

Anyway, that's the setup so here's the payoff: recently we had the wonderful opportunity to see a representative of TWLOHA give a great speech to a huge crowd of youngsters. He stood alone on stage and poured his heart out (which takes balls), all the while asking for a little quiet so those that cared could hear him. What followed was pretty surprising, and both upsetting and infuriating; a significant number of people (we're talking 30% of the whole room) just wouldn't back down and quit balling for 2 minutes. We salute the guy for staying up there where most people would have just walked off, and rightly so -there was a bunch of guys shouting at him, mocking his accent and saying things like 'Why should we give him our money?'. It was unreal man, there were so many dicks there. So anyway, what we could hear of the speech was inspiring and touching, and we want them to know we'll always support them from this day forth. Go check them out at TWLOHA.COM and show some love, on her arms...

We think animal cruelty is just about the lowest thing anyone can stoop to (apart from pissing in your grandma's horlicks).

We're aware of the state the rest of the world is in, but animal welfare will always rank high on our list of priorities. Remind yourself why you don't eat meat, or send this link to the nearest person sucking down a hot snausage. Heroic filmmaking and a great voice over from superstar and all round club banger Joaquin Phoenix. Watch EARTHLINGS and open your eyes to what's going down behind the scenes and how we can all help.

News 3 - Mad into sharks?
Mad into sharks? Go and have a look at this film by Rob Stewart. Driven by passion fed from a lifelong fascination with sharks, Stewart debunks historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters and reveals the reality of sharks as pillars in the evolution of the seas.

News 2 - FAILSAFE recording new album
Our friends over at FAILSAFE have been recording their new album in studio last month and are just about done. Get excited by watching the short movie of them here, called 12 Hours Underground, or just go and read the article we wrote.

News 1 - Photoshoot video
We've uploaded the video of our first photoshoot for the winter clothing line and you can see it here. We just ran around with a camera for a while and filmed what we thought you might like to see. Yeah!

Josh Hartnett
Leek in your beak?

Josh Hartnett

After coming face to face with a tumor on a piece of chicken at the young age of 12 Hartnett vowed "that was enough".

Milo Ventimiglia
Asparagus trapped in your oesophagus?

Milo Ventimiglia

As gentlemen inclined to dine on the fruits of the fairer sex, we find it hard to admit this so give us a break; but when it comes to Peter Petrelli we'd tap that, fo sho. Check him out in Heroes and Rocky Balboa.

Natalie Portman
Packing bamboo shoots down your slacks? We won't tell anyone...

Natalie Portman

Beautiful vegetarian actress Natalie Portman has a heart of gold, check her out in Zach Braff's Garden State. Watch out for Titembay...

Casey Affleck
Tired of finding yourself sheaf-deep in wheat fields, you're not alone.

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck, an actual superstar with his head screwed firmly on. Watch him in his brother's outstanding feature Gone Baby Gone.

Russell Brand
Neighbours complaining about fennel in your teeth?

Russell Brand

A close friend of EATTHERICH and a truly wonderful, compassionate guy -we have a lot of time for him. Check out his new movie here.

Michael Franti
Waking up with mange tout literally all over your legs?

Michael Franti

One of our all-time heroes -the vegan, activist and unbelievable musician, Michael Franti! Go check him out...

Tim McIlrath
Getting up early to stuff your face with peeled carrots?...

Tim McIlrath

Frontman and guitarist for the band Rise Against, strict vegetarian and PETA supporter Tim McIlrath.

Andy Hurley
Sneaking down at midnight for some sweet asparagus spears?

Andy Hurley

Fall Out Boy's Andy Hurley - good lad!

Alicia Silverstone
Stuffing greens like a maniac in 2008?

Alicia Silverstone

Beautiful on both the inside and the out - Alicia Silverstone. Keep working hard and inspiring thousands of people around the world. Also, stop strangling that dog...